DPI’s IT Department is focused on projecting and structuring of the company information systems.
According to the view, we could propose different hardware and software solutions to improve existing internal processes or, according with our DPI’s Advisors, create others.
We develop CRM softwares, IoT, e-comerce platform and interactive web sites.
Our Develop Team realizes every kind of application web based, iOs & Android, Windows, Linux and MacOs.


Dpi advisory network builds for your enterprise the correttest financial vehicles to catch the investment of fund, merchant banks and club deal.
Dpi team works togheter since 2010 all around the world in a perfect with quality of human resources specialized in legal, tax and econimic and financial planning during the M&A operations.
Dpi supports the companies that desire create an international expansion of their "made in" or at opposite who want to invest saftly in OCSE conutries.


Dpi studies the best communication plan for your business focused on your products, brands or companies.
We develop financial strategies to launch your new business units by the sinergy with our economic-financial team.
We are present on the televisions channels, newspapers and radio in many countries. Our opinionists collaborates with the local institutions to grow cultural value e financial education of the population.
We continually search new human resourses to the increase our team with an high skills selections all around the world.

We Are

DPI is a network of specialists in business organization and management.
Our job is to develop the business idea by creating dynamic companies looking towards the international markets.
Our professionals are chosen from the best consultants working in IT, legal, tax, finance, planning, engineering, marketing and communications.
We formed a team of young successful operating in each sector that solve every problem related to the development of the company and its products globally.
We operate throughout Europe and North America with our offices located world wide.


DPI want to increase the "made in Italy" companies value trough financial education, innovation technology and new technics of communication.
Human Resources

Dpi is composed by the best sector profiles worldwide. We select the most qualified human resources to improve and garantee the quality of your predeterminated scores.

Processes and relationship

We use internal processes and human sinergy consolidated over the years.


We obtein national and international awards for our projects.


We usually organize front and e-learning courses focused on accountig, legal, Business Administration, international taxation and corporate finance.


Long term vision to garantee business scalability and preservation of the market positioning.


Direct international operativity with our offices located worldwide.


Our intellectual property warrants to our clients their competitive advantages.


where we work


Dpi was founded by a group of international people that met theirself the first time in italy to increase the capital value of the country.
The offices located in Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome witness a powerful relationship with this country and of his intrinsic economic value.


We have important relationship with the US istitutions to promote our client projects in the north american market.
We are able to realized the right economic/financial vehicle to reach your international improvement and penetrate one of the most important business market.


DPI Canada develops customized strategies to accelerate growth, identifies new opportunities to expand your business abroad and maximizes the value of mergers and acquisitions.
Our unique approach, called Turn Key Service, helps clients access to finance, manage risk and overcome the odds to realize results.


We are able to organize you business presentation for the expo2020 and we can help your company to develop the business in the united Arab Emirates country.
Dayly DPI works to ward your interest directly with our consolidated relationship with the most important local players.


Corporate finance lesson at IUC
Turin - 12/02/2015

Corporate finance lesson at IUC

Our partners speaks about financial veichles and industrial processes

Turin - 12/02/2015

Finance lesson at Up To Youth
Chieti - 28/11/2018

Finance lesson at up to youth

Innovative lessons about innovative start-up and sostenibility growth.

Chieti - 28/11/2018

Green Economy Meeting at European Bank of investments
Germany - 11/07/2017

Green Economy Meeting at European Bank of investments

The business lawyer David Baratto from Canada at European Bank of investments speaks about Green Economy.

Germany - 11/07/2017

Course of V.A.T. law and introducing of E-invoice in Italy
Turin - 15/10/2018

Course of V.A.T. law and introducing of E-invoice at Hotel Concorde

The news and the fulfillment of electronic invoicing.
How the corporate tax management changes.

Turin - 15/10/2018

Annual meeting mentor micro financial
Naples - 25/11/2017

Annual meeting mentor micro finance at Foundation Bank of Naples.

Positive Social impact is our priority.
Thanks to our partner Davide Fabbro to support microfinance network with his knowledge.

Naples - 25/11/2017

Free training sessions
Pordenone - 15/05/2018

Free training sessions.

Free training sessions for learn more about business, business plan and credit.

Pordenone - 15/05/2018


Interview Microlab - Davide Fabbro - 16/04/2018
Interview Omnibus LA7 - Pietro Calì - 09/10/2018
University of Turin - Pietro Calì
Interview Caffè Affari - Pietro Calì - 09/10/2017